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 Profile PR

Profile PR is ideal for Doctors, Experts & Therapists wanting to build their professional profile in the media.

A low investment alternative for professionals wanting to reach more people through building their professional profile in the media. Join our coveted and renowned list of experts which include Doctors of Immunology, Psychiatrists, Osteopaths, Nutritional Therapists, Psychotherapists, Beauty Experts, Podiatrists and Reflexologists.

We work with a carefully vetted selection of experts providing unique and thought-provoking content to the press. We never ever adopt hard sales tactics and only contact press with information we feel is relevant to their publication. This process is mindful and one which builds solid relationships with the media. We work with you and at your pace to create thoughtful coverage which you can use to create awareness of your services.

We believe in collaboration over competition and all of our experts are encouraged to support and engage with one another.

Profile PR Fees

Profile PR aims to be a cost-effective and low-level investment which works easily alongside your business. We charge a small monthly fee which covers your representation and a set fee for each piece of coverage we achieve for you.

– you can specify your target press list
– you can turn away pieces if you don’t feel they are relevant to you
– you only ever pay for press that get’s published in print or online
– you can set a limit per month e.g. no more than 1 piece of coverage per month
This type of PR differs quite strongly from traditional PR methods and it requires a minimal commitment in terms of time and money on your side. This enables us to be more productive and only get in contact when a piece is relevant to you and for you to only pay for coverage as opposed to work (which doesn’t always guarantee a result). My client list is hugely respected in the health, beauty and wellbeing industry and I really do only work with the best.

We Have Secured Coverage For Our Clients In…

NeonRocks PR - Client's Press Coverage Logos

We Have Secured Coverage For Our Clients In…

NeonRocks PR - Client's Press Coverage Logos

Our clients like us…

“Natasha is always organised, enthusiastic and on the ball, taking the time to learn and understand your brand and direction, helping you get there by securing the right press both in print and online as well as through social media, newsletters and developing a marketing strategy that works for you.”

Angelique Panagos, Nutritional Therapist,

“Natasha is insightful, sensitive and highly professional. Her guidance and experience have been invaluable for me to achieve my goals and realise my potential.”

Dr Jenna Macciochi, Doctor of Immunology,

“Neon Rocks PR team provides an excellent, high quality, bespoke service for social media marketing and PR advice. Natasha’s services are always approachable, reasonably priced and above all, she is passionate about her work. Living Mind is highly satisfied with Neon Rock’s services.”

Dr Arghya Sarkhel, Consultant Psychiatrist,

“Working with Neon Rocks PR made a big different to our start-up business 58 Lifestyle. The end to end marketing services included support in products branding, packaging, website development and point of sale materials. Connection with wholesalers and key influencers and of course press coverage!”

Michal Cohen Sagi, CEO 58 Lifestyle LTD, Health and Wellbeing Industry

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Natasha for the last 3 months. In this time she has helped me focus on my customers’ experience so that they can easily navigate my website as well as to effectively communicate what I do. I highly recommend Neon Rocks for being reliable, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Avni Trivedi, Osteopath & Doula,

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